Our Mission

The Lone Star Stroke (LSS) Research Consortium is a novel collaboration among leading medical research institutions in Texas to improve the health of Texans affected by stroke and cerebrovascular disease. The mission of LSS is to establish a state-wide network for patient-centered stroke research and therapeutic trials within Texas that links academic health institutions with proven expertise in stroke research to community stroke centers.

Our objectives are to find better therapies and prevention strategies to improve cerebrovascular health for Texans throughout our state. The 83rd Texas Legislature appropriated $4.5 million for FY14-15 to implement the LSS Research Consortium. The University of Texas System administers the LSS funding and contracts to LSS sites. The LSS Research Consortium has established a robust, geographically diverse, network of sites that has the capability and infrastructure to implement studies quickly throughout Texas. This is crucial for providing the game-changing breakthroughs that are needed now by people who have or may soon develop a stroke.